John Denver - Country Roads

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LYRICS: Almost heaven West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains Shenandoah river Life is old there older than the trees Younger than the mountains blowin’ like a …

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  1. Brandon said on December 23, 2016 1:58 am:

    Dwight and Andy did it better

  2. Brett Robart said on December 28, 2016 6:21 pm:

    This song was played during my uncle and my grandpa’s funeral…

  3. Shea Satterfield said on December 29, 2016 5:01 pm:

    This was the last song played at my uncles funeral

  4. mike lishman said on January 6, 2017 2:43 pm:

    not to bust anyone bubble and me being a big JD fan, but this song was
    written about southern Virginia. listen to the places he is taking about in
    the state and you will notice its not West Viginia

  5. welder acacio said on January 16, 2017 1:32 am:

    prison break ???

  6. Les said on January 16, 2017 3:02 am:

    HOME SWEET HOME, yet I’m ready to leave :D

  7. SameAndK said on January 17, 2017 9:46 am:

    I live in Parkersburg West Virginia this song means alot to me I’ve heard
    it a billion times and it never gets old

  8. Sierra Black said on January 20, 2017 3:19 am:

    I miss my dad ?

  9. SideShow Bob “Semper Fidelis” said on January 21, 2017 2:17 am:

    This song just make me cry

  10. Bobby Meadows said on January 21, 2017 2:50 am:

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Alonzo Gonzalez said on January 24, 2017 3:02 am:

    if this song isnt life idk what is. thank u sweet lord jesus for this
    beautiful song<3

  12. ailton monte said on January 25, 2017 8:54 pm:

    Im from Brazil end i went to west virginia couple times end i falling love
    the mountains river end the vales reverting is beautiful.

  13. Smilla Zakalwe said on January 28, 2017 8:11 pm:

    you can stray a bit, sometimes you get lucky.

  14. Lacie Helsel said on January 28, 2017 8:17 pm:

    I like the song

  15. Patrick Schreier said on January 30, 2017 5:38 pm:

    einfach genial!!

  16. Daniel Floyd said on January 31, 2017 9:59 pm:


  17. simon lagadoni said on February 2, 2017 3:22 am:


  18. Nishant Agarwal said on February 3, 2017 3:32 pm:

    very very good